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See available video marketing statistics from 2012/13, it should help you appreciate the size and scope of the online, mobile and social media market place.  And those trying to explore how visual media might be used more effectively for your company, brand or profile, here are a few  solid statistics focused upon videos, video ads, video marketing and more!

The video advertisement industry is booming, and its effects are certainly growing.


  • Approximately 75% of online viewers interact with video ads in a month. (Tremor Video)

  • An average user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds to watch video ads in a month. (comScore)

  • 90% of online shoppers find videos useful when deciding to make a purchase. (Internet Retailer)

  • 36% of online shoppers trust video ads. (Nielsen Wire)

  • If you use animated explanation on your videos, your conversion rate will increase by 20%. (Unbounce)

  • 80% of users remember a video ad they watched the past month, 46% of which took specific actions (e.g., looked for more information regarding the video’s subject, visited the website address provided in the video, and purchased the product or service featured) after viewing. (Online Publishers Association)

  • If your video ads prove enjoyable to a viewer, your chances of getting a sale increase by 97%, brand preference by 35%, and brand association, 139%. (Unruly)

  • Although Internet users are interacting with video ads more, 80% of video ads are abandoned halfway. (VINDICO)

Unarguably the most popular video-sharing, advertising, and marketing platform today, YouTube continues to see positive numbers.


  • YouTube is attracting roughly 136 million unique viewers every month. (Nielsen)

  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Yes, minute. (YouTube)

  • YouTube users spend 3 billion hours in total watching videos. (YouTube)

  • Over 3 billion videos every week get a form of monetization (YouTube)

  • YouTube is getting approximately 300 million views from mobile devices every day. (YouTube)

Is it time to incorporate videos in your marketing strategy? Base you decisions on these numbers:



  • 87% of online marketers are now using videos. (Outbrain)

  • Social media video is seeing growth as 49% of the top 20% of B2B marketers in generating leads find using social media and videos together a must. (Aberdeen)

  • Click-through rate for email marketers increase by 96% when videos are included in the introduction. (Implix)

  • By providing content regularly and using videos, your email opt-outs can be reduced by as much as 75%. (Eloqua)


Videos are continuously growing as the most powerful tool for sharing content and acquiring sales. Don’t be left in the dark. Use the video and video marketing statistics you learned here, and make 2013 your most successful year ever!

Today, almost everyone has a mobile device or two. How does this impact videos and video marketing?



  • By 2016, 2/3 of the world’s mobile traffic will be from videos. (Cisco)

  • 30-second mobile video ads have an 88.3% completion rate. (Rhythm Insights)

  • Mobile users have a longer attention span/patience when it comes to watching videos. Compared to desktop users that spend two minutes on average watching videos, iPhone users spend 2.4 minutes on average; Android users, 3 minutes; Symbian users, 4 minutes; and iPad users, 5 minutes. (MeFeedia)

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